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Workflow Question

Question asked by marwan on Mar 14, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2008 by dmatejka

1. I made a new space template :

—->Current Project
—->Pending to approval

2. I defined workflow rules :
2.1 On "Current Project" : all content must be approved (sub space included) , so a new menu action appear : 'To approve'. this action move the content
to "Pending to approval" space.

2.2 On "Pending to approval" : content may be published or rejected . After publishing or rejecting action i want to move the content to his original space
dynamiclly ??

For example :
1. I click on action 'To approve' this "Current Project/Definition/propal.doc".
2. After this action the propal.doc is moved in Pending to approval space in root : "Pending To approval/propal.doc"
3. I reject the document propal.doc , so i want this document move to his original space ("Current Project/Definition"). how can i do that ?
with a simple workflow i must spicify the destination for the move action it is possible in alfresco to say him to move the document to from it came. ?