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Only one admin left when using LDAP and NTLM

Question asked by _sax on Mar 14, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2008 by _sax
We managed to get LDAP and NTLM SSO working with our installation of 2.1 Community.

Since our ECM is administered by several admins we put them into the
<property name="adminUsers">
section of custom-authority-services-context.xml. This worked flawlessly, until we started to use LDAP and NTLM configuration. Since then, we only have the original "admin" user left as being able to use the administration console. While using LDAP we made sure, that we cleared all children before import and that the same user names existed in the LDAP-directory as they did in our local alfresco user database.

Is this a known problem, maybe with a known solution to it?