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Workflow Deployment

Question asked by mchernecki on Nov 16, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2006 by mchernecki
I am trying to deploy a workflow via JBoss jBPM Process Designer . The guide gives the following instructions.

Deploying via JBoss jBPM Process Designer
JBoss jBPM Process Designer allows a process definition to be saved to a process archive file or deployed directly to an existing server. Alfresco has provided support to allow deployment directly to Alfresco.

1. Ensure the Alfresco Server is up and running
2. From the Deployment Tab enter:
   1. Server Name = machine name where Alfresco is installed
   2. Server Port = port number assigned to Alfresco (default: 8080)
   3. Server Deployer = /alfresco/jbpm/deployprocess
3. Press Test Connection…
4. If all OK, press Deploy Process Archive…
If deployed successfully, the process definition is now available for use by Alfresco. Please note, there is no need to restart the Alfresco server in order to activate the new deployed process definition. This allows quick turn-around testing whilst developing new process definitions via the JBoss jBPM Process Designer.

I can only see Server Name and Server Port. There is no Server Deployer under the Deployment tab. Without this I get and error http://alfresco:8080/jbpm test connection failed.

Any idea how I can specify the deployer without haaving a place to enter it?