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Custom Wizard Finish

Question asked by venkatvj on Mar 15, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2008 by venkatvj
Hi All,

I am facing a strange problem. I have developed a custom wizard extending BaseContentWizard. My wizard has only one step. It has a simple form that captures some information; in the Finish button handler (finishImpl method) i save the user input as an xml file in the user's sandbox.

The wizard is fired by a simple dashlet. When a user logs in he is presented with the dashlet and there is a link generated to fire the wizard. When the user clicks on the link he is shown the form (1st and only step of the wizard). The user inputs some data and hits Finish. The data is saved and the user is taken back to the dashlet screen.

Its fine until now. When the user hits the link (on the dashlet) the second time, the form comes up. BUT, when the user hits the Finish button the page refreshes and comes back with the same form. No matter how many times the Finish button is clicked the page just refreshes and comes back with the same screen. From the logs i could see the finishImpl is not called…

I am unsure what is going wrong here. I am thinking it might have to do with the outcome. But not very clear on how it works. Can someone throw some light here?