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Question asked by rdanner on Mar 16, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2008 by rivetlogic
I am curious what people think of the GNU AFFERO GPL
The OSI recently approved this license and it attempts to close the ASP loop-hole.  GPL is a viral license, that means if you include GPL code in your application and you distribute it, it is forced to be licensed under the GPL.  SAAS providers have been able to skirt the GPL viral clauses because the don't technically distribute their software. 

From Frabrizio's blog:

Funambol submitted AGPL v3 to OSI. AGPL is the exact same as GPL v3, with a sentence that closes the ASP loophole. If you run AGPL code as a service, you need to return the changes to the community. Distribution of software as a service is distribution of software. Simple as that.

What do you think?