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Problem uploading .html files with chinese name...

Question asked by duxtinto on Mar 17, 2008

i found out a problem while i was trying to upload some html files to my alfresco server.


Windows 2003 + alfresco community 2.9b + mysql 5.0.45 (using utf-8 as default charset).


I saved a copy of a chinese website, and i used a chinese name for the file (e.g. 你好.htm).
As usual, Firefox also created a folder where it stores the files of the page (e.g. 你好_files).
I uploaded the html file and the folder to the Alfresco system, using the webdav interface from a Windows Xp workstation, and i didn't get any error.
At the end, i tried to open the file, from the webdav interface, but i got some problems:
  • The browser load the page, but it can't load any element from inside the 你好_files folder

  • Taking a look in the source of the webpage, i found out that all the references to 你好_files have been changed to ___files, even though the folder name in the alfresco server is still 你好_files
Please, does anybody has any idea about what is the cause?

In addition, as a first temporal solution, is there any settings i can change to avoid this alfresco html transformation (i would like to store the same file as the original one)?

Thank you very much.