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Freemarker for custom node view

Question asked by bgl on Mar 17, 2008

I have defined an aspect on a node that corresponds to an external id (it is an ldap identifier). When I display the aspect with my custom component generator, no problem to make the property displayed as I want.

But now, I want to display the node with the custom view to match some requirements. The most natural way seemed to use Freemarker. But here come the problems…I cannot access to the required resources (connection to the ldap) to retrieve data from the id.I wanted to access FacesContext with FacesContext.getCurrentInstance but of course it is not working since no variable FacesContext exist in the model.

I don't see how I can add a variable to the model…What is explained in the wiki suggest that you create your own page and so you can supply a context that you build as you want…but I just want to use what exists in the web client and produce a different view by retrieving some external data.

So I wonder how I can I do this ? any hint would be very welcome  :wink:

Thanks  in advance !