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Using strings for custom model

Question asked by lnagra on Nov 20, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2006 by lnagra

I've created a custom model with a new content type (PIER) and when creating a new piece of content of type PIER, despite following the instructions on the developer guide wiki, all the custom properties show up as:
Data_Item etc. instead of Data Item

I have carried out the following:

1. Defined a model like the following:

            <property name="dm:Data_Item" >

2. Added similar to the following in /alfresco/extension/custom-webclient-config.xml

<config evaluator="node-type" condition="dm:proposal">
         <show-property name="dm:Data_Item" displayLabelId="Data_Item"/>

3. Creating a /alfresco/extension/ that contains:

# Added for PIER
Data_Item=Data Item

However, when viewing the creating a piece of PIER content or looking at t PIER content details, the labels are not picked up (and displayed as Data_Item rather than Data Item).

Is there something I have forgotten to do or have done incorrectly? or
Is there something else I can add to help diagnose what is not working?

Many thanks.