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Display workflow workflow definition dialogue

Question asked by kerkira67 on Nov 20, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by nitinkcv

I would like to use workflow diagrams to let the users see the status of a particular workflow they are involved in. I have read on the "Workflow Administration" section of the wiki that it is possible to view the diagrams within the "Manage Task" dialog and within the "Start-workflow" wizard. This would not entirely satisfy my requirements but would certainly be a good starting point. Unfortunately, the instructions provided within the wiki section do not apply to Alfresco 1.4. Actually I have looked inside the workflow-options.jsp and manage-task-dialog.jsp, but did not find the tag

<a:panel rendered="false" id="workflow-outline" …

Is there a way to let users view those diagrams with Alfresco 1.4?