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n00b question about XMLSpy

Question asked by fergunet on Nov 21, 2006
Yeah, that's an stupid question, I know, but I want to create a SOAP Request using the XMLSpy to the AuthenticationService WS just for fun.

First of all, I open the .wsdl file.

In "Change SOAP Parameters" dialog box I can see:

Connection: http://localhost:8080/alfresco/api/AuthenticationService

Well, I do the "Send request to the server" and I receive an:

HTTP error: Could not POST file

'alfresco/api/AuthenticationService' on server 'localhost' (500)

Error Sending Soap Data.

I'm trying to develop a BPEL module, but if I can do this, I've got difficulties, I guess ; )

Thank you for the responses, and sorry about my English.