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Alfresco 2.1 - NTLM

Question asked by marwan on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2008 by dinger
I want to use NTLM Authentification protocol. So i follow the configuration indicated in the alfresco wiki (NTLM Configuration) :

     <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>

     <filter-name>Authentication Filter</filter-name>

So using only these modifications on the web.xml  i got the ntlm authentification popup instead of the alfresco basic authentification. Whene i use my windows domain account i got on the tomcat console these lines :

18:31:28,406 DEBUG [app.servlet.NTLMAuthenticationFilter] Received type1 [Type1:0xa2088207,Domain:<NotSet>,Wks:<NotSet>]
18:31:28,406 DEBUG [app.servlet.NTLMAuthenticationFilter] Sending NTLM type2 to client - [Type2:0x80000203,Target:SQLI-190101_A,Ch:6f4859fb236c769c]
18:31:28,421 DEBUG [app.servlet.NTLMAuthenticationFilter] Received type3 [Type3:,LM:9627980ae2bfdb9ccd688b5125e4496d1512371efc2c3224,NTLM:7cb6ca9e17caf46cf58f18

but i got constantly the ntlm authentification popup , it doesn't forward me to the alfresco home page , nothing happen !!!!!