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CIFS is working but I can't login

Question asked by cmathieu on Nov 21, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2007 by naveenkumar
Hi all,

I've just installed Alfresco ECMS Community Network 1.4 on my Windows XP box with SP2. Everything is working fine except for CIFS. If I go to Start –> Run on a different XP box on the same subnet and type \\<my server name>_a\Alfresco, I get the Windows login box and if I try to login using admin/admin, the dialogue will stay there and not let me login…no error messages appear. What am I doing wrong? Are there configuration files I need to edit before trying to use CIFS?? If so, what are the files and where are they located. My apologies but I am a newbie.

Thanks all