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decoupling OpenOffice and Alfresco

Question asked by dmakovey on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2008 by jottley
I've got a dilemma: installing Alfresco as WAR on the server we used J2EE stack provided by JPackage team using SUN's JVM etc (it's a requirement). However since we're running RedHat and they ship now their own re-packaged JPackage stack using gcj to compile "natively" we avoid any RedHat Java-related packages. Now, to install OpenOffice on RedHat you need to install some libraries that create conflict between JPackage installed libraries and RedHat's repackaged ones. To eliminate this problem it seems the most natural solution would be to decouple Alfresco and OpenOffice and deploy them on 2 separate machines.

Now Alfresco expects OpenOffice to be on but OO sits on . How do I configure Alfresco to access OpenOffice remotely on (for now I'm doing ssh port forwarding, however it's a workaround - I'd rather configure Alfresco to do "the right thing")

Is decoupling approach even feasible? Is there a strict requirement for OO to be on the same machine as Alfresco? Having it decoupled I can (I think) recycle same OO instance for several instances of Alfresco.