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modelSchema.xsd does not prevent us from bad extensions

Question asked by eburriel on Nov 22, 2006
I found a valid but dangerous extension of the document model (see name

<type name="sample:folder">
<property name="sample:folder:specialinfo">

It respects the
<xs:complexType name="property">….
<xs:attributeGroup ref="dd:name"/>

<xs:attributeGroup name="name">
<xs:attribute name="name" type="xs:string" use="required" />

According to the XSD, the attribut 'name' in element 'property' should be a 'xs:string'.

So my extension seems valid and can be use in Alfresco.
But when you try export  you obtain an acp.
Here's a corresponding extract:


And when you want to import the parse fails on the tag sample:folder:specialinfo which is not considered as a valid QName.

What i understood is that the attribute 'name' in 'property', 'child-association' and 'association' should be a valid QName which quite more precise than just 'xs:string'.

It will be nice if the XSD integrates this restriction… ( xs:QName)

Thanks for any response.