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Alfresco authentication through tomcat or apache web server

Question asked by astro209 on Nov 22, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2006 by astro209
I think I have a pretty unique situation that I am hopeful there is a simple solution to.

I currently have an Apache Web Server redirecting to Tomcat using the Jk_mod. I use Vintela Authentication (VAS) on the machine to allow Apache to authenticate through AD using the Mod_auth_pam module. This all works perfectly until I get to Alfresco. I want Alfresco to use Apache Web server authentication some way or another. I think if we plug Alfresco directly into AD, our users will have to authenticate twice.

So my question is, can I tell alfresco to get authentication info from Apache? Or does anyone see a better way that I can approach this without loosing any of the structured functionality?

Thanks… and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!