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Getting content from the WCM

Question asked by mvlach on Mar 19, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2008 by pmonks
Hi, is there possible this ?

I have Server A (S1) with instaled jboss + alfresco + alfresco virtual tomcat. This is located in net I would like to deploy WCM content (live web application) to the productive server on the net 88.8X.XXX.XXX. But there is no access to the net - security reason.

Alfresco Store ———————> Live Productive Server

How can I access to the Alfresco Store, how to use ContentLibrary from the WSF project ? I have implemented my own content library which locate the XML documents in the classpath and check XPath queries, but this is not good solution - the search couldn't be possible.

Can somebody tell me, how to do ? Is the solutions the Alfresco 2.2E Beta (with alfresco to alfresco deployer ?)

Thanks Mila