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Alfresco permissions management - basic question

Question asked by tarkadu on Nov 23, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2006 by kevinr

I'm just trying to learn more about Alfresco and tried the software via the "instant 7-days-trial". I put my first questions that arose while testing in different threads. Here's No. 1:
In the instant trial there are restricted permissions. It seems I got access from the point "My Home" on. However, "Company Home" is still shown and access is granted but without me being able to add or delete any contents. My question: is it possible to completely switch off anything - i.e. not even view spaces and contents - beyond a certain space for a user (e.g. a cooperation partner) that should not see our company's templates etc. but only a certain space and its content - and let his view access permission starting from the "My Home"-Space?

I'm really grateful for any help on any of my questions (there may be more to come).

BTW: Is this the right forum for such beginners' questions?