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[ANNOUNCE] Alfresco WS Java Query API

Question asked by aspa on Mar 20, 2008
While working on a customer project that involved Alfresco a while ago I
developed a small API to overcome some of the difficulties related
with using the Alfresco Web Service API for fetching content.
It might be of use to other people who use the WS API for integrating
with Alfresco, so I'm making it available for a wider audience.

The API is a convenience layer built on top of the Alfresco WS client.
It can be used for executing queries on a content repository and mapping
the results back to Java objects. It allows you to work with strongly typed
content objects in your code.

There's no distribution package available but you can check out the code
in the project's Subversion repository hosted in Alfresco Forge

The README.txt includes a short description on what the API does and
there're also some pointers for getting started.