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alfresco with tomahawk taglib

Question asked by linhnh on Mar 21, 2008
hi all I have a problem that is :
I want to create a tabpanel
ex: tab 1:  display page 1
and tab 2  display page 2

I use tamahawk tag lib

<t:panelTabbedPane selectedIndex="0" >
                                <!– t:tabChangeListener type="demo.TabChandedListenr"/ –>
                                        <t:panelTab label="tab0" rendered="true" >
                                                <f:subview id="tab0view" >
                                                        <jsp : include =" page1.jsp" >
                                        <t:panelTab label="tab1" rendered="true"
org.apache.myfaces.custom.panelTab.enabledOnUserRole="NOROLE" >
                                                <f:subview id="tab1view">
                                                               <jsp : include = " page2.jsp" >

but all link in to 2 page (page1 and page 2 ) can not implement :(
in my ex : page 1 is  navigator.jsp
page 2 is shelf.jsp in /jsp/sidebar

where is wrong? thanks :(
and if I want to create tab pane in Alfresco then what is I need? thanks
so sorry because English not good