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Need to customize Web client UI, but only for Guest user

Question asked by theorbix on Mar 21, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2008 by theorbix

I need to customize the Web Client user interface, but only for guest users.

Basically, when someone connects to the Web Client as a guest user, I need to disable/hide some UI elements that should still remain accessible to "normal" users.

Here are the elements I'd like to remove from the UI:
- the User Options icon in the toolbar (it's useless for guest users)
- the "My home" link in the toolbar (my guest users are pure read only users that can only access and read documents in a set of shared Spaces, so the Guest Home folder would be useless and confusing for them)
- the "My home" link in the navigator pane on the left (for the same reason above)

Last change, I need to be sure that when someone connects to Alfresco as a Guest user, a certain UI language is automatically selected (currently it defaults to English, if I'm not wrong).

Can the Web Client be customized in this way?

Where should I start?