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Insatallation and Difference

Question asked by tomekdomek on Nov 24, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2006 by burner
Hello i want to install Alfresco 1.4 on a Windows2003 Server.
I already have tomcat on it, so which download do i have to take?
I mean i dont want to have to tomcats installed:-)

Then i would like to know when you fix the Webdav bug and i can move folders in the Windows Explorer?Are you going to give an Update or BUGFIx?

And the i would like to know where the difference between Alfresco Community and the Enterprise Edition is?Is it the support or special functions and what kind of functions?

And whatis the thing with the trail version whats the difference to the Community Version?I mean whats the thing and the 30 day trial?I just dont get it!When i have the 30 trail and install it what the difference to the community Version?Do i have more support or do i get other documentations or tutorials?

Can someone answer me please as soon as possible because i want to install it on the 2003 Server as soon as possible:-)

Thank you