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ShowDetails - localname - ipadres

Question asked by loggheci on Nov 24, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2008 by msntrf
In 1.4 _ShowDetails.exe works fine when I use ${localname}:8080 for the webpath field in file-servers-custom.xml (extension).

Because I'am working on a test server, the name of my server (in my case ElisaPOC) is not known by the workstations of the other testers… 
I can ask all of them to change the hosts file - adding a line with ElisaPOC and the ip-adres of the server - on their workstation.
That worked on my own PC.
Not all of the testers have the rights on their PC to do this.

I hoped I could replace the webpath field in file-servers-custom.xml by the IP-adress (<webpath></webpath>)
When I make these change
_CheckInOut.exe works fine,
the _Alfresco shortcut works fine,
but _ShowDetails.exe causes "Failed to execute supplied script: ReferenceError: "webURL" is not defined. (AlfrescoScript#5)

Can someone tell me how I have to fill in the webpath field to make this work?