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Error renaming file

Question asked by jtorres on Nov 27, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2006 by jtorres
Hi again people:

I'm trying to rename a file, but iot doesn't works. I use the following code:

Reference ref = correct reference, tested with debug
String name = "newname.txt"
ContentServiceSoapBindingStub contentService = WebServiceFactory.getContentService();       
// Update the name
contentService.write(ref, Constants.PROP_NAME, name.getBytes(), null);

And this line crashes. However if I try to update the content exactly with the same format it works fine:
contentService.write(ref, Constants.PROP_CONTENT, name.getBytes(), null);

I logon as admin, so it's not permission troubles. Any idea?

Thanks a lot.