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Lucene indexing/CIFS

Question asked by rscheele on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2008 by dinger
When updating an MS Word document using CIFS, no common metadata from the Word document is re-extracted. I just drag-and-dropped it, didn't use the CIFS Desktop Actions (check-in/checkout). Shouldn't this be automatically done each time, whether you use the 'official' check-in check out functionality, or just copy the new file over the old one? Lucene indexing isn't doing its job either.

Also, i'd like to know how the AND operator is implemented. When i use the operator + for a query it isn't functioning as an AND operator. E.g the query 'Alfresco +Software' also returns documents with only the word Alfresco in it. Case sensitivity when using the query "Alfresco Software" isnt working.