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General Question about __CheckInOut.exe

Question asked by quibb on Mar 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2009 by patrick.brunner
Hi There!

I wonder what parameter you have to give __CheckInOut.exe to work properly.
The normal way (if you have mounted an network drive) you just drag the file you want to check in/out onto the __CheckInOut.exe that is located in every folder.
I tried to add an context-menu entry to windows-explorer but i have no idea what this file wants from me….
i tried a couple ways, maybe someone can help me…

for example [ "Z:\User Homes\<name>\__CheckInOut.exe" %1 ] as the value in command.
This will start the .exe-File but along with some errors that the parameters are incorrect.

(Iam also trying to find out how to change Z:\User Homes\<name>\ into something like %cd% that just gives me the current directory im into…)

Maybe someone has already implemented the context-menu-Entry into the Windows-Explorer? Would be great help! Or maybe it's not possible?

Sorry for the english… iam not a native speaker ;)