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LDAP synchro, NTML auth: deny access to un-synchro user

Question asked by lascaux on Nov 30, 2006

I setup a LDAP synchronization which populate the alfresco database regarding a particular group in my Active Directory,
then I setup a NTML authentication for transparent connection (I do not want the user to enter the login/pass in the login form)

I enable the NTLM authentication in the web.xml of Alfresco
and I set the ntlm-authentication-context.xml with the following

<property name="useLocalServer">

The problem is that all user defined in the active directory can access to alfresco.

Is it possible to deny the access for user which are not synchronized ?

I tried to remove the NTML-authentication-context.xml file but Alfresco failed to start because of bean NTML-Authentication unknown.

Thanks for help