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What I want to do with Alfresco, how could they be solved?

Question asked by akiraheller on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2008 by pmonks
just evaluated the 2.9 version of alfresco and it's amazing what you can already do with a basic setup. I want to use it as a "Manual" CMS in our company and have some questions how I should solve some things:
With alfresco I want to manage all our technical and external documentations for
1. Internal usage with knowledge Base and access to all documentations
2. Project usage for Project documentation that I can hand over to the customer and also for internal Project documentation

I started with two folder, one for Projects and one for Documentation, something like this:
                   -2_CONFIG FILES
                   -3_INSTALLATION MANUALS
that's quite OK but I now want to link files from DOCUMENTATION Folder to the PROJECTS folder. At this time I was only able to solve this through categories and an automated copy process to the dedicated PROJECTS folder, but then I have all contend doubled. I don't want to double this, because we use many documentations in many projects, but I think I have to wait until version 3 for this feature.
To avoid a copy I tried it with categories, but found another difficulty, how can I copy a category structure from DOCUMENTATION structure to PROJECTS structure? So if I give a Documents the category PROJECT1 it should look like this:

Now the last one:
At the end of the Project I want to hand over an "interactive" documentation of all files in the Project and hand it over to the customer. Is it possible to do this, something like alfresco Folder to mediawiki or do I have to programme a Web Interface and get the website by an WEB to offline converter?

Thanks for some ideas
Best regards