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Document naming and versioning

Question asked by andy_ukgrid on Mar 27, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2008 by davidd

can someone explain if there is a way to resolve differences in document filename version and in the version number maitained by Alfresco in the file metadata? What I mean is, if I upload a document to Alfresco and enable versioning Alfresco assumes the document starts at V1.0. What if the file is pre V1.0 or has already existed outside alfresco and is say V2.1? Can I update the Alfresco metadata to refect this? Also typically I maintain version number in teh filename of a document like "server config V1.0.doc" but this then becomes confusing and nonsensical when uploaded to Alfresco when version number changes in Alfresco metadata, can I have Alfresco update the filename? That could either mean chop off any version number when the file is uploaded and save this in the metadata, or modify the filename based on the metadata version number each time the file is updated in Alfresco.
What are the options Alfresco gives me with regards these issues??

thanks a lot, Andy.