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About integration with eCopy

Question asked by why1525 on Dec 4, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2008 by krisapong
Dear all,

I now need a scanning and ocr solution to be integrated to the Alfresco.
I could not get an open source scanning and ocr solution so may be I would like to look into commercial base solution.

I read through the forums and wiki, i found that Alfresco able to integrate with Kofax and eCopy easily. But i got few questions here.

1. I need a solution that able to scan and OCR the paper documents and then direct put them into Alfresco DMS database. Is Kofax or eCopy able to do this?

2. The most important part I want the solution able to scan and OCR them with preset template.

3. If I bought this solution, is it really easy to integrate? need any programming knowledge?

4. Is it i need to buy this products before I try it?

Thanks you.

Warmest Regards.
Edison Wang