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Need help in the list of jar files in alfresco

Question asked by lalli on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2006 by gavinc

I am new to Alfresco.
I was able to install Alfresco SDK samples and run the stand alone samples successfully.

Now for my project I have taken sample as base and trying to build my
web application on Tomcat5.0. 

My index.html invokes my servlet which calls the method in FirstJCRClient class.  In this
class I try to connect to the repository using admin credentials and then using JCR api's get
the handle to a particular Node (Eg. document or image in a directory) and want to show it in
a another window (using servlet respone object for this).

with SDK samples, there are a lot of jar files listed.
Now for my above sample to run successfully in tomcat server, what are the jar files
necessary ?  can somebody provide me the list of jar files.  Need this info ASAP.
If I try using all the jar files in the SDK Sample in my application lib folder, application
is very heavy and also takes a lot of time to respond. 

I tried removing certain jar files, but saw dependencies and just left half way !!