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Packaging Alfresco with RPM

Question asked by dmakovey on Mar 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2009 by dmakovey
I'm packaging up Alfresco for our environment using RPM and have some questions related to that:

1. there's a ton of jars in
with external libraries. My question is whether I can use JPackage provided packages for those instead and remove bundled ones. Is there a guide somewhere which ranges of versions of libraries would work with Alfresco? Reason is: we have environment where the whole J2EE stack comes from RPM packages and whenever there's a need to update library (security vulnerability or bugfix etc.) we do it system-wide which is opposite of how alfresco is bundled (I took the smallest bundle - WAR file).

2. is anybody interested in results (RPMs of Alfresco-Enterprise) ?

3. If there is interest in RPMs is it OK to post it including Alfresco-Enterprise bundles or should I strip out those leaving it up to end-users to download bundles from Alfresco and build their own RPMs using our SPEC files ?