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Lucene query to get a subset of the tree nodes

Question asked by sergio on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2007 by cludt
Hi all.

I have to represent as an XMLBeans class (according to an XML schema previously defined) a subset of the complete workspace/SpacesStore tree starting from a well defined node. The starting node is defined only by its id and not due to its complete path. In other words, I known its id but not its path.

Because at the moment it is not possible to get the path of the node using the getPath() method (it always returns a null value), I am not able to build a query path correctly.

In addition, I am not able to build the correct path using PATH Query for a node I always know its id.

I was not able to find an example that helps me.

Is there anyone who could give me any suggestions?

Thanks to all,