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Alfresco shared with other web apps?

Question asked by gaxunil on Dec 6, 2006
Hi Gang,
I'm really trying to get my head around the JCR and Alfresco quickly to see if it will fit as a solution for us.
Ideally, I'd like to deploy Alfresco for use internal use only on our site, then be able to access certain data in the datastore via our custom web app for the externally visible website.  A shared deployment like what is mentioned in the JackRabbit (Model 2) docs is what I had in mind, where Alfresco and my custom web app are running in the same Tomcat instance.

I have poked around in the forums, wiki and docs but it's not clear to me that this model is possible.  If it is, is there a link to some sample code on how to setup the server config to enable the connections?

Or must I do this via JCR-RMI?
Any info is appreciated, apologies from a JCR noob if I've missed the info.