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FSR deployment of large site failure

Question asked by brannonk on Mar 30, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by brannonk
Hi Everyone,

I have been testing the community version 2.9B and am very impressed. I have several sites that I want to manage with the WCM component ( these are pre-existing sites). I was able to import and set up deployment on all of them sucessfully except for one, our main site.
It might be the site size ( about 8-9G worth of files ).
The error I get after it copies what seems to be all the files to the temp data directory is " org.alfresco.deployment.impl.DeploymentException: Failure during prepare phase; rolled back."
which seems to be caused by:
"Caused by: org.alfresco.deployment.impl.DeploymentException: Could not create metadata directory C:\Alfresco\Deployment\depmeta\\\ROOT\testsite\home\roads\images
at org.alfresco.deployment.impl.server.Target.update(
at org.alfresco.deployment.impl.server.Deployment.update(
at org.alfresco.deployment.impl.server.DeploymentReceiverServiceImpl.commit(
… 64 more"

I thought it was a permissions problem ( this is hosted on a Win2003 server ). The permissions on the directories are the same for all the deployment( I have all the deployments going to the same FSR - just running multiple ports/multiple instances ). The base directory is also already created when the FSR is started, so it is not missing.
I tried increasing the memory the runtime could use in the fsr startup bat file - still no change

Is there something else I should be looking at or?