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Windows / Linux Installation / Security Question

Question asked by dfriestedt on Mar 30, 2008
I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement Alfresco in my network.  We have three remote locations that need to share files.  They are all connected back to our home office over a VPN, but the network file access is VERY slow.  The upload speed from our home office is limited to 1MB and we are dealing with very large autocad files. 

1) Am I better off installing Alfresco on a linux box in a datacenter (with a 10mb connection up and down) and keep all the data on the Alfresco machine?  Can the remote users (Windows XP) connect into a share drive on Alfresco over an encrypted connection (SSL or CIFS)?  It's important that the drive look and feel like a network drive. 


2) Should I install in the home office network on a linux box and have it connect to the 2003 Server Share drives and deal with the slow upload speed to the remote locations?  Again, it's important that the remote locations can map a network drive over an encrypted connection to the Alfresco server.  Is that possible?  I don't want all of them coming in over the VPN, especially because future connections will be from 3rd party vendors.