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Problem logging as 'admin, admin' using Webservice

Question asked by lalli on Dec 6, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2006 by lalli

I am a newbie and trying to exploring the webservice api :

When I run FirstWebservicesClient in SDK, I was able to login using AuthenticationUtils.startSession("admin", "admin");

Now I was trying to get a ticket and hence was trying to log using
String ticket = WebServiceFactory.getAuthenticationService().startSession("admin","admin").getTicket();

I get the below error :

WSDoAllSender: password callback class provided null or empty password

Another Question :

Do anybody have sample code on how to give a link in my web-application to a document in Alfresco Repository ?
or any sample code to download a document or image in a given folder ?

Thanks in advance.