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Alfresco with IBM DB2

Question asked by cyberheap on Mar 31, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by jett

We will be launching Alfresco on a client's system which "unfortunately" is IBM based, so DB2…

I'am currently researching the issues with the configuration, and I would like to get the general idea,
on how much it is acctualy worth to go with the DB2 configuration just to meet an environment standard
(probably more of a commercial requirement anyways), or would it be better to advise the client about the issues,
and try to convince him to go with a Alfresco officialy supported DB?

I've been browsing thru the forums on the DB2 topic and the "instructions" on the Alfresco Wiki,
and it seems there have been both problems and successes.

I would like to get any recent firsthand info on successful/unsuccessful Alfresco configurations with DB2,
if the configuration was successful, what issues had to be addressed (in addition to the ones mentioneted on the forums), etc. ?

Has anyone found the instructions on the Alfresco Wiki helpful and what other issues had to be addressed?

Any info would be helpful!

Thank you all!