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Spring in common

Question asked by rdanner on Dec 7, 2006
Hello guys.

I notice that spring is now part of the common files in tomcat.  Are there any plans to work away from this?  Personally I think it’s not a great thing. Spring is so prevalent in web applications today that this can lead to a lot of heart ache.  We had this issue with Liferay.  I am largely speaking on suspicion her e so please don’t jump down my throat.  I am just raising an eyebrow. Like we are doing with Liferay I would hope that we plan to get a very small footprint in common (if it needs to have a shared footprint at all) for alfresco, maybe nothing more then a library containing the shared interfaces and some bootstrap/kernel type things. 

Anyway I don't actually know what I am talking about — I just see the jars in the shared class loader folder.  Can someone please explain where we are and where we are going?