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Repository Harmonization

Question asked by rdanner on Mar 31, 2008
I had a thought yesterday that I need to follow up on. We have been talking about "Repository Harmonization." I, for some reason assumed this meant that the two repositories will be consolidated in to a single solution, taking the best features and capabilities from each. This is a probably a question of semantics – but I got to thinking yesterday: "harmonization" is not by definition consolidation. Harmonization implies two or more entities acting in harmony (for example two guitar string vibrating at agreeable [very technical – I know] frequencies.) I am still under the impression that harmonization means consolidation but I want to follow up and make sure.

I've been watching the roadmap to get a sense of timing on the repository related activity but it's not clear to me through the documentation what kind of work will be done to harmonize the repositories and when that work will start or finish. 

It would be helpful to understand what harmonization means and to get a general sense of timing around the activity.