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Guest user...  'Company Home' invisible in web client!

Question asked by theorbix on Apr 1, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2008 by theorbix

On my company Alfresco server, I have noticed that when someone connects to the Web Client as a guest user, the link to the "Company Home" folder is hidden in the Web Client toolbar.

How can this be possible?

I have checked the permissions on the "Company Home" space, and the EVERYONE user of the GROUP_EVERYONE group has Consumer access to this space. Beside this, most of the spaces behind the "Company Home" root are configured to inherit the permissions from the parent space.

So I assume that when logging into the Web Client as a guest, the user should see the "Company Home" link and be able to navigate in the hierarchy of company spaces.

Instead, the guest user is forced to see only his home space and the "My Alfresco" dashboard…

Does anybody have an explaination for this?