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Feature Request - Extra Tabs & Customization for Search

Question asked by toni on Dec 11, 2006
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[size=117]Feature Request:[/size]

[size=117]Ability to add tabs (AJAX) above the Search bar  with customizable search options[/size]

Google proves SEARCH can the most powerful and useful tool.  Alfresco search is good but it still lacks some features. I think additional search tabs with customizability will greatly enhance Alfresco and very useful for the users.

Google & Yahoo Examples- They have the following tabs above their search bars:
    Google >  Web  | Images |  Groups |  News |  Maps | More
    Yahoo >  Web | Images | V*deo | Directory | News
How would this feature be used in Alfresco?

i) Administrator can customize the options for the default search for the whole site such as include & exclude spaces and types of contents

ii) Administrator can add additional tabs above the search bar with unique search options relevant to the tabs:

For Example, the following tabs can be added above the Alfresco search bar> 
    |  Site|  Documents  |  Forms  |  Tasks  |  Images  |  Media |
    :——————————————————————–: Search
    Site > search for all Spaces and Contents but exclude Data Dictionary and Images
    Documents > search for all documents such as PDF TXT DOC ODF XSL PPT html xml etc..
    Forms > search selected spaces and categories containing Forms
    Tasks> search available Tasks with options to hide the Tab from Guest user
    Images > search all images and return result with thumbnails and links to the original images
    Media> search audio/v*deo—perhaps with pluggable media player
These are just some examples.