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Alfresco jboss

Question asked by clombart on Dec 11, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2006 by unknown-user
Hi all,

I'm testing Alfresco on different plateform. I runs well on Tomcat with MySql but not on jboss. I would like to run the war (without the jboss portal stuff) into my own jboss 4.0.5 but it takes a long time to populate the Alfresco tables.  If I create the tables before running for the first time Alfresco on jboss, it works. This problem was not present with Tomcat.

Why is taking a long time to populate the tables on jboss (and not on Tomcat) ? Do I have to do something to optimize this process ?

Tested on : kubuntu/Mysql 4+/Jboss 4.0.5/Alfresco 1.4 community edition.

We have the same issue with Oracle on Windows.

Thanks for your help