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New Space Wizard, permissions to a subfolder

Question asked by dado on Dec 11, 2006
I wish to allow users to create a Project space using the Advanced Space Wizard.  So inside Data Dictionary/Space Templates, I defined a "Project Template" space, and put some subfolders within it.  1 Subfolder is called "Secure" and I wish this subfolder to be invisible to the public but visible to the creator of the project.  The idea is that the creator would invite users/collaborators to the "Secure" folder of her project, and this would be the project's private work area.
So I made sure to add no permissions to the "Secure" folder. 

The problem is that when a user creates a new Project using the Advanced Space Wizard, the "Secure" subfolder does not show up.

How can I make the "Secure" subfolder be owned by the creator of the Project?