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WEBDAV Can't PUT files to server

Question asked by mrudmann on Dec 12, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2007 by kevinr
Hi all,

first, I would like to say that Alfresco is a very nice application.  I have been using open source packages for many years.  This one is on the track to become one of those foundation packages.  It is a pleasure to use.

I am Running the latest stable Alfresco community and tomcat bundle 1.4.

I am running on Linux-Fedora C5.

My Issue:::

Regarding WebDav, I connect to alfresco OK (from win xp).  In WebDav, I can create folders, delete them, rename them, I can even delete files within the folders.  However, I CAN'T PUT FILES to the server through the normal drag-n-drop (or even copy paste).

I have checked my firewalls, routers, etc.  I have done a tcpdump.  I just cna't figure out why PUTs don't work.

I have been looking on the net and these forums all day.  i have found a number of people with the problem, but no apparent resolution.

Can anyone throw me a line???  Please?