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Installing Alfresco on Linux Slackware

Question asked by ltendi on Dec 12, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2010 by douglascrp
I would like to install Alfresco 1.4 on a Slackware Linux.Can somebody give me some documentation references to properly install the product on this platform?
I got the installation guide but it describes the installation process of Alfresco 1.3 on a windows box.
Does exist specific guide to properly install Alfresco software on Linux?
I see that there is a platform specific install plus other platform indipendent (war/tomcat/jboss) setup.
Which one I need to install? Which features I have (or I mess) choosing different platform indipendent setup?
Do I have to install JDK or it is part of one of the setup?
Do I have to install mysql also?
Can I install JDK 6.0 or I have to install JDK 5.0.