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Acegi 1.4 able to use in Alfreco?

Question asked by why1525 on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2007 by andy
Dear all,

I got a question here. I have study the Acegi in , the Acegi now is version 1.4, but Alfresco inside already have version 0.83. Is it usable?

Is it when I use Acegi, I able to login into Alfresco using my others web application login page? Is it I only enable the Acegi inside the Alfresco then i can just use my web application to login? Anything need to do on my web application?

I have post few question here to ask abt SSO in this forum. There are some experts reply to me and ask me study some Authentication Filter in here. I just a student that research in a company and only know J2SE. There are no experts in my company because i am the only person in the company know programming. This is because it is a construction company. When I read the code in Alfresco, I totally do not understand what is JSF, Spring and others that are using in it.

Is it the company need to have support from Alfresco in order to get this thing done?