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CIFS and FTP settings in 1.4 Enterprise

Question asked by simon on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2006 by simon

The extension files seem to have changed in Alfresco 1.4 Enterprise. Wasn't the extension folder made to be able to keep your modifications after an upgrade? Now I have to go over every single file again to match it with the previous configuration settings (in 1.3.2) and change the settings where needed, not as I had expected.

As a result there are some parameters I'm missing in the new installation. The CIFS and FTP settings for example. In 1.3.2 both items could be changed in the file-servers-custom.xml extended file, in 1.4 I can't find these any more. How can I change these settings in 1.4, should I add the relevant parts?