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WebDAV creating folders really slowly, files are fast enough

Question asked by jcblitz on Apr 4, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2008 by jcblitz
I have setup a test to determine where the bottle neck is in my environment and it seems to be with WebDAV creating folders. I've created about 20 folders, each with 15 or so folders, and each of those have about 10 folders. There are no actual data files. When I drop them into WebDAV (from the same machine running alfresco), it takes about 3 minutes to complete, which is way longer than I would expect. When I copy large files over, or even just one folder with about 30 files in it, the speed isn't that bad, maybe 20 seconds or so for 50 megs.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with folders? Is there any type of tuning I can try to preform? I've tried it with both HSQLDB and MySQL to try and factor out a db issue. CIFS is showing the same type of results in terms of speed.