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Web Services API going to be deprecated?

Question asked by svast on Apr 6, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2008 by svast
Hi folks and specialists,

I am pretty new to Alfresco, and need to make some developments on top of it.
So far this is a great product with a lot of APIs (to many?).

My first question in my very first post is reltated to a rumor claiming something like "Alfresco plans to deprecate their SOAP API".
Is that true? If SOAP API gets deprecated, we can imagine the same for Web Services…
With the heavy efforts put on WebScripts API, I can understand such statement… but I would need to develop a SOAP based WebService, and I want to stick to the upcoming releases (3.0, …) of Alfresco.
What options do I have then?

Where is the best place to find documentation (tutorial,…) and sample code about the creation of a new Web Service?

My last question may not be asked in the right place: Is it possible to do SOAP with Web Scripts?

Thank you very much for your help