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Calling jsp from custom action..

Question asked by g_rathod on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2008 by buurd
Hi friends,

I am adding new menu item on context menu ( more items ) for any documents in my root space (let say it "test").
for every docs its showing me 'Rate it'.  is there anyway to call jsp ?

my code is like below : ( web-client-config-custom.xml )

         <action id="custom-action-rate">
           <permission allow="true">Write</permission>
         <label>Rate it</label>
         <tooltip>Runs the specified Jsp for Rating</tooltip>
          <action> ??????? </action>
            <param name="id">#{}</param>
       <action-group id="document_browse_menu">
         <action idref="custom-action-rate"/>         

can you help me to get exact path for my jsp ?  without writing java code. ( any way  to link it out directly ? )
like :  <href>#{actionContext.cifsPath}</href>   how do I give my path suppose jsp is inside